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Soccer can't run without referees.

How do you like to have the best seat in the house?

Do you fancy being the man (or woman) in the middle?

Want a hobby where you can earn money and enjoy yourself?

Then you should take up refereeing.....

Fancy earning some extra money whilst learning and enjoying yourself, then first you need to complete the Laws of the Game course. The course is free and can be found here

Once the course is completed just contact the association registrar who will forward your details to the referee coordinator so we can look at getting you to referee your first game.

If you enjoy it and want to further qualify yourself, the next step is to complete a Level 4 referee course.

Albany Soccer has run three courses in the last couple of years and requires a minimum participation amount to run the course. Put your name down and when we have the numbers we can run a Level 4 course.

Those referees completing the laws of the Game certificate will start refereeing our juniors U10's and U11's. Once the level 4 staus is achieved you will beable to progress through the juniors, ladies and seniors.

Both associations run the Respect program which is a continuous campaign aimed at creating an enjoyable playing environment that allows people to play, officiate and watch football without being abused, mocked, insulted, jeered, physically assaulted and unnecessarily criticised.

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