Junior Soccer Youth Award of Excellence

Many of our juniors have started to 'give back' to our sport, and we feel that these dedicated youngsters should be acknowledged.

Many have started refereeing, some have started coaching, some exceptionally high standards of achievement. Others have a general positive influence on younger members. There is no fixed criteria for nomination but what this award is about, is the common theme of 'giving back' and having a positive influence on our game.

2016 Albany Junior Soccer Association Youth Award of Excellence - nominations...

Matthew Leary : 16 years.  Matthew has had great success at a number of sports and is particularly high achieving in soccer. This year he made the decision to give back by coaching one of his schools sides. Instead of volunteering to coach small sided games he took the challenge to coach  the under 15's, Year 9 GSG soccer team who are only 2 years younger than himself. It has been a learning curve for Matt too, as he’s had to deal with injuries; asthma; parents; kids that turn up late for games; missing shin pads; kids that steal his tape, water and lollies; all while trying to find ways to get his message across AND keep within the GSG values. For his first year of coaching, he’s done a sterling job. 

Cyprian Rogzinski : 14 years. Down at the grounds early every Saturday morning to lend a hand to duty clubs setting up. Cyprian has also turned his hand to refereeing the younger age groups along with running the lines for seniors. Cyprian is another who will run the line on a Sunday afternoon. Cyprian will always put his hand up to referee or run the line at a moments notice and has been a great asset to the association over the season.

James Knowlson : 12 years. A year off from organising the popular Pink Sock Week due to the complications of the new move and lack of club rooms, James has given back to the association by spending more time refereeing, running the lines and setting up the grounds for duty clubs each Saturday morning especially the often forgotten C5 and C6. Apart from his rostered games, he is always on hand to other teams often seen running the lines to assist other coaches of different clubs.

Phillip Lockyer : 17 years.  Phillip has been nominated once again for his positive attitude down at the socer grounds. He is always down their early and has become a mentor to some of the younger referees always offering encouragement. At the same time he is always trying to improve his own standard of refereeing by always asking for feedback. He attends most games, juniors and seniors and takes it upon himself to be there just in case someone fails to turn up so he is always there to either referee or run the line. A dependable young man who has been a great asset to the association over the years.

David Gill : 15 years . David's 2016 season ended before it started due to an injury. Having gone through an operation and rehabilitation, he began this season coaching the Australian Christian College (ACC) Under 11s team and assisting with the coaching of the ACC Under 13s team and the Royals FC Under 16s team. His enthusiasm and drive has been infectious and players thoroughly enjoy his presence and guidance at training. Additionally, he readily runs the lines for the ACC Under 13s team and is always happy to lend a helping hand when asked. Despite the challenges of sustaining an injury that has prevented him from playing this season, David has found his passion in coaching. This has led to him setting a goal of one day managing his own professional soccer team.

Jenna Onions: 15 years. Jenna has been nominated for this award for all she has achieved over the years as a fantastic role model to the young girls coming through the AJSA system. We lose her to Perth this year on a football bursary but I feel she will leave a legacy of the respect a girl can achieve amongst her peers in junior football. She has been exceptionally high achieving often taking out Best and Fairest along with regularly picking up personal awards at Country Week. Although they are personal achievements it has never changed how she plays the game and has never allowed it to go to her head, always focusing on team work over personal  achievement.


2015 Junior Soccer Youth Award of Excellence

Winner : Laura Hunt

2015 Albany Junior Soccer Association Youth Award of Excellence - nominations...

Laura Hunt : 17 years. Laura has been nominated for being a positive, enthusiastic, motivated person who  gives back on many levels. Whether it be refereeing games on Saturday for the ASJA or Friday nights for the ladies, coaching the 3-5 year olds in the Football West Squirts program or the coaching with the Football West SAP teams. Laura is an excellent role model for the young soccer girls and for her love and positive attitude to soccer and the time she takes to acknowledge all her little admirers at the soccer and in the wider community.

Jack Steel : 16 years. Jack has been nominated for his commitment to coaching a group of schoolbased children in the U11s. Jack has taught the team soccer skills, sportsmanship, the importance of fitness and team tactics. Jack should be credited for seeing the team return for their third year of coaching by him and for encouraging all players regardless of their capability.

Callum Garland : 16 years. Callum has been nominated for his dedication to coaching two year 3 soccer teams this season and for his continued enthusiasm, guidance and support which parents feel has seen players want to return week after week and again next year. Callum has committed hours after school and on Saturdays every week to train these kids and support them at their games. The kids have benefited not just from Callum's excellent instruction but also from his enthusiasm, encouragement and full of fun approach to soccer.

Jesse Spaanderman : 17 years. Jesse has been nominated for his commitment to the sport and his community. Jesse suffered an ACL (knee injury) in 2013 and has been unable to play soccer since. In 2014 Jesse decided to coach an U8s team as he was unable to return to playing himself and chose to coach an U14s team in the 2015 season. Despite his injuries, Jesse has continued to give back to the soccer community and will often run lines and cheer on his peers. His get up and go attitude has gained him the nomination this year.

James Knowlson : 11 years. James has been nominated for his maturity and ability to maintain control when running lines regardless of teams being his age or older and for his work for the charity pink sock round. James has also been nominated for taking it upon himself to help out with the younger players at the Football West SAP training session and for also taking time to referee the SAP games when they have the opportunity to play U13s teams on a Saturday morning.

Phillip Lockyer : 16 years. Phillip has been nominated for his positive approach to helping teams across the association by running lines and refereeing games for not only the AJSA but also the GSSA. Phillip is always willing to offer his time to help out people and teams whenever he can and is proving to be one of our most dependable referees.


2014 Junior Soccer Youth Award of Excellence

Winner : Casey Willmore

2014 Albany Junior Soccer Association Youth Award of Excellence - nominations...

Lachlan Owen : 16 years. Has been nominated for having a exemplary attitude when it comes to learning and setting an example to others. After many years of being coached in the HPC he has started to give back and regularly assists in the coaching of the youngest age groups in the squirts soccer programme. He has also become one of our most dependable referees and is regularly seen refereeing junior and ladies matches.

Callum Garland : 15 years. Has been nominated for being such a positive role model to younger members of Denmark soccer. He co-coaches the year 6 team and ensures that he is always there to assist with their development. He keeps it fun and has a positive influence on all the players who respond wonderfully to him. He has become a key figure in the Denmark soccer community helping to organise and referee the matches when held in Denmark. He also is one of our junior referees.

James Knowlson Jnr : 10 years. Has received his nominations from referees and coaches for his dedicated and professional approach to running the line. Although one of our younger members who run the line he has taken it upon himself to study the FIFA laws of the game and ensure that his knowledge of the offside law is second to none. He applies the offside laws fairly and accurately in both junior, ladies and senior matches and has rapidly earned the respect from players, coaches and referees when he calls infractions with his clear and concise actions.

Casey Willmore : 16 years. Has received his nominations from parents and fellow coaches for his dedication to his commitment to enhance the quality of junior goal keepers within the association. In his own time and with self-funding Casey has obtained certificates in goal keeper training and has used his qualifications to set up a goal keeper clinic which has been incredibly well received and the results clearly visible. He has also given up his time to give our Country Week goal keepers additional coaching prior to their competition. All this on top of his continued commitment to refereeing junior, ladies and senior matches.

Phillip Lockyer - 15 years. Always with a smile on his face Phillip has also become one of the more dependable referees within our associations. He regularly refs junior and ladies matches but also gives up his time to attend matches that he isn't refereeing to run the line and assist his fellow referees. He is pleasant around the grounds and can always been seen being helpful and often entertaining younger players.

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